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With over 35 years of experience in providing support to the legal community, we recognized the need to increase efficiency in the legal world. To begin innovating for a faster civil court process, we designed a system that creates barcoded filings to expedite data entry into a court’s case management system.

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Our barcodes are being used in all of the major metro Atlanta counties. Our technology enhances clerical productivity, while eliminating opportunities for errors.
Barcoded case information enables a court clerk to scan case data to a court’s case management system, bypassing the need for manual “keying” of case info.
Our complete package provides a solution where plaintiffs can file, defendants can answer, courts can process, and proofs of service can be updated in just a matter of minutes on hundreds of civil filings. We provide Connect2Court’s technologies to the court FOR FREE!

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“I’m really thankful that our Court Administrator brought Connect2Court to our Courts.”

Joviera Humphrey
Court Clerk Senior
State & Magistrate Court

“My favorite go to filing method is definitely Connect2Court.”

Lisa A. Burris, Esq.
Burris Law Firm

“We can depend on Connect2Court to have everything.”

Yashika R. Jones
Court Support Specialist
State & Magistrate Court


Ease and efficiency are of the utmost importance when filing a case. Connect2Court’s unique user interface allows filers to initiate eviction, garnishment and small claim cases. Bulk filers create their documents by uploading a data spreadsheet while single filers have access to our easy to use form.

• Documents created for several courts at the same time.
• Any number of documents electronically signed with one signature.
• Proofs of service emailed directly to filer.

Connect2Court was designed to maximize productivity by barcoding all filings to expedite initiation of YOUR case into the Court’s case management system. This reduces the amount of time your document spends in the courthouse providing for a faster service time. Click our get started link to start using Connect2Court today!

Believe us
it’s that easy!!


Connect2Court.com is the industry leader of bulk processing for civil litigation. It can be tailored to meet the needs of any court. If your court already offers e-filing, you can offer C2C for document creation and electronic signatures. Whatever you currently use, Connect2Court.com will complete your solution.

• Review, accept and process all documents in a matter of minutes, regardless of volume.
• Clerks sign all documents with one electronic signature.
• Case number automatically assigns to each filing in ascending order.
• Filings immediately send to their respective service agencies by email for service.
• Witness dramatic decrease in foot traffic and customer inquiries.
• Generate a new revenue stream by providing expedited processing.
• Total accountability.

Our completely paperless filing portal allows a court to accept hundreds of documents, issue case numbers, and send them out for service all without a single sheet of paper. By keeping all filings online, a court can eliminate piles of paperwork that accumulate and require storage in a courthouse.

Total Accountability: Every time a document is uploaded or updated in Connect2Court, it is available for administration to review. Want to keep track of process servers? Find out how many papers were served in a day, where they were served, the time they were served and to whom they were served. Know what is going on in your court!

Contact us today at (404) 500-5743 or email us at info@connect2court.com.


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